Detroit’s Abandoned Train Station

The Michigan Central Station was built in 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad. It was Detroit, Michigan’s passenger rail depot from its opening in 1913 until the cessation of Amtrak service in 1988. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest rail station in the world

On April 7, 2009, the Detroit City Council passed a resolution aimed at the demolition of the Depot.  Seven days later, Detroit resident Stanley Christmas sued the city of Detroit to stop the demolition effort, citing the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The future of the building is undetermined.

Remnants of the Past

I love history and seeing how folks lived in the past. I was in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee recently.  It was not an easy life for the early settlers who lived in this area. It reminded me of my family history, my grandfather’s grandfather grew up in the Appalachians.   Here’s a photo of an early settler’s chimney that remains standing. You can’t help but wonder what the folks were like who lived here.  It is a very peaceful and serene place.