Meka a Siberian tiger cub at Tiger World

I went to Tiger World in Rockwell, NC today.   The goals of Tiger World are  “Education – To provide a stimulating learning environment for generations to come. Conservation & Preservation – To promote awareness about the Endangered and Threatened Species of the world. Protection & Safety – To maintain a safe secure preservation area for the public and for endangered and threatened wildlife.   I am helping  sponsor  Meka a Siberian tiger  cub that was born at Tiger World.   She is such a sweet cub.  Here’s a photo I took of her today.


Meeting the new tiger cub Malia at Tiger World in Rockwell, NC

I went to Tiger World on Saturday to see the new tiger cub Malia. She’s a rare snow leopard with the recessive gene that makes her tiger stripes very faint. She is so adorable. Friends of mine Susan and Todd Stein have sponsored her. I met Susan at Tiger World to spend a few minutes with Malia. Here are a couple of images. Jess and Lea are her trainers. Malia climbed into my lap on her own while I was in her cage with her. You can’t help but fall in love with her.